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Alla Nizhny Novgorod USSR
Anita London England (1946) Cellist & Co-Founder of the English Chamber Orchestra
Carla Haifa Israel (1946) Netzer-Sereni Israel (1948)
Claire Paris France (1945) Television Actress & Series Producer
Danka Warsaw Poland Pianist  >>  Instructor of the Mazowsze Dance Troupe
Elsa Paris France Cologne West Germany (1958) Frederick OK USA (1963) Owner of the Paris-Beauté Salon in Cologne
Esther Ramat-Gan Israel (1946) Be’er Sheva Israel (1955) Hamburg Germany (1960) Music Teacher  >>  Rap Singer  >>  Political Activist
Evi Switzerland Munich Germany Professsional Singer
Pani Ewa touring Europe Cracow Poland (1946) Skolimów Poland Movie Actress  >>  Theater Director
Grande Fani Brussels Belgium Restaurant Owner & Youth Group Instructor
Fania Paris France Berlin East Germany (1966) Paris France (1971) Cabaret Singer & Songwriter
Pani Funja Piotrkowice Poland
Flora Amsterdam Netherlands (1945) Amstelveen Netherlands Housewife
Frau Steiner Switzerland
Halina Cracow Poland (1945) Symphony Violinist  >>  Music Editor
Petite Hélène Paris France
Grande Hélène Liege Belgium (1946) Brussels Belgium Housewife
Helga Israel
Henryka Poland
Henryka Poland
Hildi Haifa Israel (1946) Netzer-Sereni Israel (1948) Kibbutz Worker
Pani Irena Warsaw Poland High School Biology Teacher
Irka Łódź Poland (1946)
Grande Julie Salonika Greece (1946) Bronx NY USA (1951) Miami FL USA
Kazia Poland
Lili Salonika Greece (1945) London England (1947) Bronx NY USA (1951) Piano Teacher of Murray Perraiha
Lili touring Europe London England (1947) Violinist & Gypsy Ensemble Conductor
Lotta Latin America
Lotte Hamburg Germany (1945) Sweden
Margot Karlovy Vary Czechoslovakia Language Teacher & Writer
Maria Warsaw Poland Łódź Poland Actress, Singer & Teacher
Marylka Zagórz Poland (1945) Łódź Poland
Marysia Będzin Poland (1945) Volunteer for the Union of Former Political Prisoners
Masza Munich Germany (1946) Hopewell VA USA (1949) Chicago IL USA (1949) Housewife
Rachela Tel Aviv Israel (1949) Netzer-Sereni Israel Kibbutz Worker
Rivka Netzer-Sereni Israel (1948) Kibbutz Worker
Ruth France Forest Hills NY USA (1947)
Sylvia Haifa Israel (1946) Netzer-Sereni Israel (1948) Ramat-Gan Israel Research Geneticist at the Weizmann Institute
Szura Serpukhov Russia USSR
Violette Paris France (1945) Toulon France (1970) Paris France (1994) Cabaret Singer  >>  Hungarian Restaurant Owner
Wisha Cracow Poland (1945) Accountant & City Ward Official
Yvette Salonika Greece (1945) London England (1947) New York NY USA (1952) Housewife & Music Teacher
Zocha Cracow Poland (1945)
Pani Zofia Poland
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